What do you get when an entrepreneurial Builder meets a trail-blazing Interior Designer? (Besides a beautiful baby named Addy), you get a truly extravagant home overflowing with dramatic finishes and pure elegance.

Nestled atop a cul-de-sac in Wallsend you will find a truly bedazzling home showcasing deep, moody walls, bright white trims, and gold accents throughout. As you gaze through this home with your jaw on the floor, you are immediately drawn to the stunning pitched ceilings with exposed beams and the striking shaker kitchen with blended cabinetry and stone highlights. Soft, filtered light pours through the custom windows and doors, featuring an outlook of the surrounding bushland, overall creating a devilishly handsome home.

Pour yourself a dirty martini, shaken not stirred, as we take a peek through this action-packed home starring Tim, Ash and Adelaide.

Q: Firstly – please tell us a little about who is currently living at your home.

Tim (Director of Navillus Building) Ashley, and our daughter Addie. We also have a granny flat, which Tim’s parents live in – Maggie and David.


Q: Now onto your beautiful home – can you tell us about its story from when you purchased the property until today?

We bought the property back in 2015. We never thought we would want to live in an Estate, especially not having a family at the time. After 6 months of living here, we decided to do renovations and move back into town. Once we started looking at homes in town we realized that having half an acre 10 minutes from Newcastle is pretty rare for the price we paid for it, so decided to stay and build/ renovate to create our family home. For 2 years we renovated the existing house, and then in 2018 commenced the extension. Tim always wanted to build a glass link way, linking the old with the new – so that’s what we did! We choose to paint the existing house white, and the new extension black as a contrast. We finished it off by building an underground granny flat as we didn’t want to lose any privacy. You would even know it was there unless we point it out.


Q: What are you happiest about with the home and how it looks and functions?

It’s really hard to answer with just a few items. We love everything about this home. Everything we have done we have put a lot of thought into, and made sure we built exactly what we wanted.


Q: What or who are your key style inspirations?

I think after working so long in the building industry, we’ve seen both the good and the bad of styling and design, so we’ve learnt through experience what works, and what looks good. I’m not afraid of colour, and I’m also not afraid to admit I’ve made a lot of styling mistakes! I’m happy to make changes if I’m not happy.

My biggest inspiration would have to be my Aunty, who owns a building company in Melbourne. Her style is bold and fearless, and she’s made me realise that you should create your home exactly how you want and what you like, and not worry about what others will think. Everyone has their own opinion and style.


Q: How you would describe your interior style?

Sounds cliché, but Hamptons/Country with modern elements


Q: What you love most about living in your house?

A few things – the size of our block, and our outlook onto the bush land out the back. It’s great for entertaining, and the fact we have built in baby sitters with the granny flat, haha!


Q: Can you tell us about the location and you what do you enjoy most? 

When I was pregnant, I loved out close proximity to John Hunter Hospital! We love that our backyard is the bushland. We have, over time, realized how good it is living in an estate, and how everyone is so friendly and caring. We’ve had times where our dogs have got out, and someone in the estate will look after them until we’ve been able to pick them up. Everyone has been so lovely, welcoming us and our daughter into their lives, and being there for us. 


Q: Is this your forever home?

This is a hard one to answer! Being builders, our life is building and renovating. We are always looking at the next big project, and open to change. I don’t have any intentions of leaving, but you never know what opportunities and properties will come up! I’m renovating this home and making changes as if it is our forever home.


Q: Three words you would use to describe your home?

Bold, Colourful and Fun