New Lambton Heights

As 2018 winds up, what better way to finish our perving for the year than with the sumptuous pastel-hued home of Stewart Horton and Brian Jones.

Step inside this glorious re-imagined Art Deco gem and marvel at how easily retro Hollywood glamour meshes with slick contemporary design to create a seriously jaw-dropping abode. 

Grab yourself an Old Fashioned (on the rocks) and enjoy perving at one of our most beautiful and unique homes to date!

IMAGES: Atelier Photography

Firstly – please can you tell me a little about you and Horton & Co. 
S: I started Horton & Co. Design in 2011 when I returned to Newcastle after 16 years living and working in Sydney.  Horton & Co. Design is a small crew who enjoy working on all projects ranging from new homes, renovations, commercial and hospitality.  

I note your décor style is really unique – I expect being an interior designer has informed the look and feel of the house? Can you describe your style?
S: I always say the existing house should have the biggest voice in the beginning of any design scheme. This house had its own vocabulary which I wanted to really accentuate, but take somewhere more contemporary. I love mixing styles to make something new; in this house there were quite strong Art Deco elements, the original bathroom had a traditional deco era pink and grey tiled look and I wanted the new one to be an homage to it, but in a much more pared back, modern way. 

Can you tell us anything of the home’s history? When you purchased it, what happened next to get it to the point it is at today?
The house was originally built in 1949 and had been tinkered with by its original owner several times but unfortunately, they didn’t leave much of the original building. We lived in the unrenovated house for a few years until we decided to completely gut the entire thing, the only original part of the house is the fireplace mantel. New floors, ceilings, windows, doors, kitchen and bathroom, everything. The house was totally re planned moving many rooms around to its current layout.  

Do you have any renovation stories to tell about this home in particular– wins and fails?
The dropped curved ceiling in the lounge and dining area was initially not part of the design but due to some onsite constraints it was a last minute change which ended up being one of the most beautiful parts of the space, a lucky accident!

What or who are your key style inspirations? 
S: I like mixing historical styles but taking a more contemporary approach to it. I love the oldies from Dorothy Draper and Gio Ponti, to amazing contemporary designers like Greg Natale (who I worked with in Sydney for many years). 

It looks like you have an impressive art collection – can you tell me a little about it? 
S: Both Brian and I love collecting pieces, especially from up and coming artists. We have some beautiful pieces from local artists Claire Martin, Shan Turner Carroll and Nicole Chaffey as well as more international names like Ken Done and Raoul Duffy. 

What you love most about living in your house – your favourite room/favourite piece of furniture?
The kitchen is easily our favourite room. It not a huge kitchen but it functions so well. The walk-in pantry and hidden appliances mean the space doesn’t feel cluttered and is such a pleasure to cook in. 

What do you enjoy about the location? 
S: I love the open vistas and trees of New Lambton Heights. After 16 years living in inner city Sydney I really wanted the opposite of an urban lifestyle for a while, I wanted the space, garden and sun you can only get when you venture out of the really dense urban areas. 

Who lives in the house with you?
S: My partner Brian Jones and our Dachshund named Mortimer 

Three words you would use to describe your home?
Formal but friendly. 

Horton and Co

WORDS: Laura Jackel