Newcastle East

When reading through my scribble notes for this end of year edition of House Perv, I mostly found travel destinations and book titles – the result of exploring an incredible 1870’s terrace home located in Newcastle’s east end.

This house is as eclectic as it is interesting, and so too are the beautiful people who call it home.  

Sheriden is a travel journalist and it was beyond exciting to hear about, and soak up, all her knowledge and heartwarming travel stories, in particular her adventures to tropical destinations. I know, right? Genius! I want that job! (You can follow Sheriden on Instagram at, or

In fact Sheriden has recently returned from her 24th trip to Fiji, and the perks include husband, Tom, and daughter, Ella, getting to tag along most of the time. Tom is a local property developer and little Ella, an emerging artist (you can follow Ella’s adventures at Frequent Small Flyer Not surprisingly, between them all, they really know how to make a beautiful home.Tom and Sheriden purchased the property in 2013 and quickly removed the distinct raspberry coloured carpet, the faux Victorian tiles in the hallway, followed by painting out the matching raspberry and lemon walls. Tom built a beautiful new back deck and used the wonderful High Swan Dive, to create the green wall. It went from a dated cream and pink home to a modern, beautiful and family friendly one.

This gorgeous home is filled with treasures that have been lovingly gathered globally and locally. The two oversized pendants were shipped from Indonesia, there’s a wooden spear purchased from a Maasai warrior, and feature artwork in the dining area is by local artist, Andrew Dennis, who also taught Ella for many years.

An array of interesting pieces find their perfect place including Bula boxes (made from tapa cloth), tiffin-tins from Malaysia, antique millinery tools from Sheriden’s late grandmother, and modern Scandinavian pieces courtesy of Papa Sven. Somehow it all works.

Wishing you all a very safe festive season in your beautiful homes or wherever you may be spending the holiday period.  

House Perv will be back again in 2018.

Come take a peek and enjoy!