Our November edition of House Perv invites us to take a walk through time from the charming front exterior of this 1920s bungalow, through to a modern architecturally designed addition at the rear of the dwelling. 

It is the beautiful Georgetown family home of Elliot, Sarah, and their young daughters, three year old Evie and nine month old Josie. 

Elliot and Sarah purchased this suburban property 18 months ago with a strong vision and whole lot of love. 

The house had been owned and occupied by the one family forever and came with all the original features, including colourful pink walls throughout!

With a clear plan ahead, the couple engaged award winning architect Matt from SHAC Architecture to design the proposed extension and help transform the original structure into their modern vision.  While the distinctive pink walls received a makeover, the amazing original ceilings were retained.

Impressed by the expertise and personality of builders Soph and Damo McIntosh, the couple then placed the MACFOX team in charge of construction. The original floorboards at the front of the house were meticulously matched, Crete Kings Without Crown was called in to produce the polished concrete floor – now a striking feature in the new section, and the magnificent kitchen was crafted by Boz
Come take a peek and enjoy!