Built during a hot Newcastle summer by a close group of friends, the stunning home of artist and all-round creative legend, Mitch Revs, is not your average backyard studio.

The interior styling blends on-trend design smarts with retro inspired flourishes and plenty of colour.

Mitch’s artwork brings vibrancy to fresh white walls and the paint splashes on the hardwood floors are evidence of the creative magic that happens within.

The exposed timber and green kitchen tiles were inspired by Mitch’s fond memories of family trips to the snow and the cosy log cabins where they stayed.

The desire to create a space to honour his happy upbringing as well as welcome family and friends, hints at where the real beauty of this month’s House Perv lies.


IMAGES: Atelier Photography

Q: Who lives in your home?

M: My studio sits out the back of my dad’s house, which was my family home growing up. Living with us both is dog Abby and cat Bowie who weirdly are the best of mates!

Q: Can you tell us a little of the history of your home and how it came to be?

M: My parents purchased the main house and block in 1988 from an elderly lady. She told them that her husband had built it back when Merewether was just dirt roads leading to the beach.

The kitchen of the main house was possibly built over the top of one of Merewether’s original wells which then became a dumping ground. Someone approached my parents to dig it up many years ago, believing it was filled with a treasure trove of items from another era, but thankfully the house still stands!

I had such a happy childhood and the main house was a place for friends and family to gather and have a good time. Everyone was welcome and my dad was the life of the party. Eventually I moved away and spent time living in the US, Sydney and Byron Bay, but coming home was always where I felt happiest and at my most creative.

As a freelance artist, I had been thinking about building a studio at home for a while. I had plenty of ideas and Pinterest boards for inspiration, so last summer I rounded-up my tradie mates and we got to work. We went through a few cases of beer and had a lot of fun during the build.

Q: Can you tell us a little about the design and your intentions behind the build?

M: The build itself was pretty flexible. I had a rough idea what I wanted and needed but we were able to make changes as we went, which felt very creative.

The timber frame and hardwood flooring were expensive but I wanted something that was solid and wouldn’t require too much ongoing maintenance.

I decided on an open floor plan and used the feature timber wall as a divider that provides some privacy for the bedroom area. I always wanted an alpine lodge look with touches of retro throughout, so I researched and bought some unique items online such as the Singer sewing machine table used as a bathroom vanity.

As I was going to be using the space to live and work in, I knew it needed to be light and bright. We installed track lighting on the back wall and I haven’t worried about getting paint splashed across the floors when I work – it adds to the creative appeal!

Q: What do you love most about the home?

M: The space I love most is the kitchen. It has a real old-school charm with the butler’s sink and green tiled splashback.

I am not much of a chef but I enjoy inviting mates over at the weekend to share food, wine and play music. My studio is not just the place where I work, but a social space for the people I love most to catch up and have fun.

Q: What do you love most about your home’s location?

M: I have always loved Merewether for the beautiful beaches. I surf often with my dad and so it helps to be close by.

I also appreciate being central to everything and the many great local cafés in Merewether and at The Junction. Drift on Llewellyn Street has great food, coffee and a friendly vibe. Previous owners Josh and Cat always supported my work, and I got to enjoy painting one of my signature ocean-themed murals out the front in 2017.

Q: Is it your forever home and if not, what do you see as the future for this amazing space?

M: I imagine I will need to move out if I meet someone and have a family in the future.

Until then I don’t believe in rushing out when I am so happy here and I can see my dad, who is also my best mate, every day.

When I do eventually move out, we plan to use it as a creative-themed AirBnB for artists or people who just want to rent a beautiful space near the beach and cafes of Merewether.

Q: Three words you would use to describe your home?

M: Colourful, social, creative.

Find out more about Mitch and his art here: Mitch Revs