Redhead Beach

-Written by Louise Hatcher

At the end of 2014 I travelled to India with an incredible group of women. If you have been to India, you will know what I am talking about when I say something magical happens there, something that can’t be described.  

At the time I was a part-time language teacher and interior designer. Soon after I returned, I sat down to create my vision board for the following year. It identified my personal and family goals, along with my ultimate dream and vision – to create my own property styling business. I also included two of my all-time muses, Australian stylist extraordinaire, Megan Morton, and the inspirational Oprah Winfrey.  Initially, I was thinking I would head to the nearest library to borrow and re-read all of their books, and any other material I could find, to help me discover how I could create and realise my vision.

I hadn’t even finished cutting and pasting (literally glue sticks and magazines) when the “just call her” voice made me jump out of my chair, take action and call Megan’s office. Incredibly, she was enjoying a family holiday in India! I immediately sent her an email, she promptly responded, I screamed with joy, and we soon scheduled a time to meet when she returned to Australia. 

During what became a pivotal and life changing conversation, we waffled and exchanged our shared experiences from India. Most importantly, we embarked on a beautiful and supportive personal and professional connection. The inspiration for #Houseperv actually began when Megan turned to me during one of first meetings and said “Lou, we have to go “perv” on my friend’s home!” Brilliant.

Now, three years on, we are featuring this incredible lady and what I believe is one of the most beautiful homes ever perved. True to the essence of Megan’s signature style, every corner of her home is inviting and speaks to the best of creature comforts. There isn’t a nook you don’t want to explore. With the beautiful Maybelle Imasa labelled jars and Robert Malhebre artwork in the laundry, even doing the washing looks inviting!

A few years ago Megan and husband Giles sold their big home in the suburbs and moved their three children to a smaller space in the city. Initially their friends thought they were mad, but it seems small living on beautiful Redleaf Beach, Double Bay, is what dreams are made of. 

Come take a peek and enjoy!