This week at #houseperv we’re welcomed into the very special, and destined-to-be,Hunter Valley family home of Matt, Lucy and their four young boys.

Matthew is the owner of Ergoflex, an online memory foam mattress business and Lucy is a former primary school teacher and stay-at-home-mum. Together they have four sons, Oliver (6) and Harry (5), with 8 month old twins Alfie and Angus completing the family.
The first time Lucy saw the house was on a visit to Branxton with her sister-in-law, who was looking for a potential investment property. The house was in need of serious renovation but she immediately had a vision to restore the house to the family home it once was.

Lucy remembers being heavily pregnant with Harry during the time of the first open house viewing, which she attended on her own as Matt was away with work commitments. The next day, her waters broke. Lucy fondly remembers the phone conversation with Matt…

“Why are you whispering? Is Oliver asleep?” Matt asked.

“No, I’m actually in hospital – my waters broke. Don’t worry, nothing is happening! Go see the house!”

Filled with romantic visions, Lucy knew in her heart that this house was not an investment property – it was their future family home. Matt agreed, and so it came to be that during Lucy’s time in hospital for the arrival of their second son, they won the bid for this gorgeous property. 

Given the residence had always stayed in the same family for over 100 years, the couple decided to write a personal letter to the former owners assuring them it would be restored to its former glory. 

Matt and Lucy then worked closely with Newcastle architects Martin and Vanessa Hedges to create their dream family home and we agree, it is as impressive as it is welcoming. When the huge renovation job was finished, Matt and Lucy invited the original owners back to visit and personally see the wonderful transformation. 

This remarkable residence has since caught the eye of Home Beautiful Magazine Australia in which it has been recently featured. 

Happy House Perv!


Matt and Lucy, talk us through your renovation?
The original house required cosmetic updating and paint and plaster restoration. We kept all the original features and added built in cabinetry for additional storage. We also added some larger windows on the north side to add more natural light. The original kitchen became the family bathroom, and the enclosed veranda down the north side of the house became a playroom. We then added an extension which houses an open plan kitchen, butler’s pantry, living room and laundry.  The roof was placed and all plumbing and electrical updated.

You have spent most of your married life in Sydney. With four young boys, we bet living in the Hunter Valley is a dream. What do you love about living in Branxton?
It was a huge change for us after living in inner city Sydney. The convenience and café culture we were used to isn’t replicated in a county town. Yet, the space, and large home we can offer our boys here far outweighs the negative aspects. We are far more relaxed as parents due to the peaceful environment and friendly neighbourhood here. The biggest advantage we have found since moving to Branxton is the amount of outside play in which our boys engage in. Having fruit trees and a vegetable garden helps develop their connection with nature not to mention the close proximity to family.

Four sons under the age of six! Seriously… how do you do it?!
With lots of love and laughter (and strict bedtimes!)