In our February #houseperv we see what happens when you bring together the creative, talented and keen-eye skills of an interior designer and a real estate agent. Let’s meet Kerrie from Trade Design Group and Adam from Colliers and take a look inside their superb Newcastle inner-city apartment.

Where did you two first meet?
K: We met at work in Newcastle. Adam grew up in Singleton and I’m originally a farm gal from Nundle, a small northwest township about an hour from Tamworth (once famous for its

Since moving in together nearly four years ago, what do you love most about your inner-city home and lifestyle?
K: Naturally, the tall ceilings were the biggest draw card for us. Although we’re in an apartment, it’s the same size – if not bigger – as some of the little houses we’ve lived in, so
we feel as though we’re in a normal sized dwelling. We almost signed the dotted line before we even stepped foot into the building – the heritage facade and leafy street is so reminiscent of something you would experience overseas. Also, being on the ground floor means we are literally only ten footsteps away from our favourite cafes and bars, and my office (which isn’t always a great thing)!

Please share the details on that lounge … incredible!!!
K: Being a designer, it’s in my blood to customise everything we can, ESPECIALLY if it’s for home. There are two single components that were non-negotiable for our lounge; for Adam it had to be ultra-comfortable, so I made the seats super deep and wrapped the cushions and pillows in feather down. For me, it had to look plush and make a statement, so I went out on a limb and chose a velvet upholstery with a crocodile skin look. We feel as though we both got what we set out for!

You have great art! Who are the artists behind your two feature pieces?  
K: The beautiful Thai girl in our bedroom is by Kowit Wattanarach, one of my all-time favourite artists. The first time I saw his work I literally stopped in my tracks and was
immediately captivated (Adam too). My uncle, who found the piece, has been an art dealer in Melbourne for many years and has had a significant influence on our interest and
appreciation of art. The large Kate Moss painting in the lounge room was commissioned by a street artist who I met overseas, and I simply showed him a photo of the super model. We
nickname him “Xerox” because he is like a human photocopier.

When shopping for home, as opposed to work, where are your favourite places to

K: I’m a sucker for vintage pieces that have a fascinating story, so will go hunting wherever I can. My absolute favourite item is an old bugle from the First World War that I found at a flea
market in Paris.

What are your strongest interior influences?
K: Tough question! Too many to pinpoint. I suppose trying to balance a mix of all design styles would be my ultimate end-game. I don’t have a particular influence or style per se. I love industrial, minimalist, contemporary, classic and modern. Putting them together seamlessly, I feel, is a true artform. Although if ‘black’ was a style, I think it would be that. I’ve had a fascination for black ever since I was little – no matter what it is. When it doubt, go BLACK. Always.

How did your trade design career unfold? 
K: I basically fell into commercial interiors about eight years ago and it was only supposed to be whilst the residential market was quiet. Then I began to learn more about and develop the
high level of design the commercial sector requires, even demands, and became caught up in the vortex. It’s so much more than dull and daggy grey carpet and fluorescent lighting.
Seeing a workplace come to life, where staff and clients alike are inspired, is truly satisfying. Everyone wins.

Come take a peek and enjoy!