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We have been wanting to #houseperv Kate Fenning for so long. So long!

I have been keenly following this creative soul on Insty with the rest of the scandi-interior-loving-styling-world since she started her business, Yorkelee Prints, in 2015. Who doesn’t want to download rap and buy ripped jeans and cool prints when we see her posts? It’s smart, brave and refreshing to be yourself on social media and something Kate does to perfection. Not surprisingly, with such stylish and real posts, Kate very quickly collected 110k Instagram followers who now represent about 98% of her buyers. Smart. 

Kate is a graphic designer and after being at home fulltime with her two young sons was wondering how she would re-enter the workforce and return to the 9-5 grind. At the same time, her friends kept asking to buy the artistic prints she made for her boys, Yorke and Morrissey. Armed with a big leap of faith, Mac, and printer in the front room, Yorkelee Prints opened for business.

Two years later Kate still runs her operation from home with an upgraded printer that now impressively pumps out more than 30 orders (multiple prints) a day. When we arrive, we see the huge trade tool lockbox that Kate diligently prepares for Australia Post to pick up each day.

It was drizzly winter weather when we House Perved Kate’s home and, being on the outskirts of Canberra with a big farm across the road, it did feel very Danish. Surprisingly, the natural surrounds are not where Kate gets her inspiration. In her words she has always been a “monochrome minimalistic girl”.

This beautiful home was built in 2009 after Kate’s architect friend sketched the design on a Napkin – and here it is! 

Come take a peek – enjoy!

IMAGES: Plum Photography

We have mirror images of the places we have lived.  Coffs Harbour, Newcastle and Canberra – seriously beautiful parts of the world! What do you love about living in our capital? 
Living in Canberra is easy. Canberra roads, lack of traffic, education system, cultural institutions and defined four seasons make this place pretty dang good. Especially for young families.

A lover of interiors and fashion. Tell us your favourite got-to places for both?
Ahhhh so many! I do a lot of shopping online, it’s just faster.
Interiors; I’m a big fan of Ikea and Freedom.  Some of my fave online homewares stores are Immy and IndiSimple Form and Design Stuff.

Fashion; Here in Canberra I love Rebel Muse in Braddon, I’m obsessed! Otherwise The IconicASOSZara and some of my fave brands at the moment would have to be PE NationCamilla & MarcDylan Kain.

When it’s not work, how do you spend your downtime?
Hangin’ with my boys, training at the gym, watching the Ice Hockey here in Canberra and spending time catching up with friends.