Fern Bay

Beautiful from every angle, this light, bright and elegant home belongs to the most photogenic family you ever did meet.

Catherine, David, Fox and Posy have been living in their newly-built home in Fern Bay for just 12 months.

The fresh white walls combine with uncluttered open space to allow the stunning natural timber flooring to shine, almost as brightly as Catherine’s obvious talent for interior styling.

Covet the floor-to-ceiling drapes and glamorous statement staircase, while falling a little in love with Fox and Posy’s whimsical, fairy-tale bedrooms.

Enjoy House Perving through this unbelievably dreamy family home by the sea!

IMAGES: Atelier Photography

Q: Firstly – please tell us who is currently living at your home?

C: Myself Catherine, my husband David and our two children, Fox and Posy.

Q: Now onto your home – can you tell us about the home’s story?

C: We purchased a block of land in Fern Bay in 2016, and commenced building in 2017.

We built a project home with McDonald Jones, but tweaked the design and finishes to give it a custom feel. The construction took 12 long months but, in the end, we were extremely happy with the result.

It was exactly what we wanted and dreamed about!

Q: What are you happiest about with the home and how it looks and functions?

A: We deliberately made sure all the rooms and living areas were generously sized. We also increased the ceiling heights to make it feel spacious and open. We wanted to walk into the house and instantly feel relaxed, and that’s exactly what we’ve achieved.

We have loads of storage everywhere, storage rooms upstairs and downstairs which is essential for a family home. It allows us to still have a practical home to raise children in, but also a beautiful space to relax and unwind in after work.

Q: What or who are your key style inspirations?

C: We love European and particularly Greek homes. We holidayed around Europe for our honeymoon eight years ago and fell in love with houses that were completely white, inside and out. It gives such a clean, fresh feel that we dreamed of replicating that vibe in our own home one day.

We also love the natural timber used in Balinese homes, so we’ve used that too throughout the house with the built-in shelving, doors and cabinetry. Our furniture and decor are inspired by beachy, Hamptons styling with a modern edge.

The kids’ bedrooms are pure fun, and include various things that I’ve collected over the years to make their rooms a colourful and imaginative place that is their own magical sanctuary.

Now that they’re getting older they can inject their own style into their rooms and I love seeing what they come up with.

Q: How you would describe your interior style?

C: We are somewhere between beachy, modern, Hamptons and Balinese! I never wanted to be restricted by one particular style, but subtly blend varying textures and styles to create our own unique look.

Q: What you love most about living in your house?

C: The staircase is our favorite feature in the home. The timber treads and glass balustrade are a beautiful statement, and ties in well with the similar textures and colours in the kitchen. David’s favourite room is the living room and mine is the walk-through pantry!

The hallway is sometimes used for soccer and handball on a rainy day, otherwise you can find the kids running between their rooms.

Q: Can you tell us about the location in Fern Bay and you what do you enjoy most?

C: We absolutely love where we live. Fern Bay is close to the city of Newcastle, but far enough away to escape the traffic and noise of the city.

Our estate adjoins Stockton beach, so we can be on the sand in five minutes. We love taking our 4WD on the dunes and driving up to Birubi Beach for breakfast.

The balcony that leads off our master bedroom, overlooks one of the last remaining rain forests in Port Stephens, so waking up to that view every morning is pretty special.

Q: Is it your forever home? If not where to next?

C: We built this home with the intention of it being our forever home. We’d love to still be here when our children are teenagers and adults. But we’re also open to wherever life takes us, so who knows!

Q: Three words you would use to describe your home?

Spacious, fresh and relaxing.