The beautiful Mayfield home of Alyse and James has been a labour of love thanks to this creative, hardworking duo and Alyse’s amazing dad!

A sanctuary from the demands of their roles in the disability and child support sector; the house might be petite, but the white walls, tall ceilings and pops of greenery create a sense of calm and space.

The perfect House Perv for all your festive feels, come and explore Alyse and James’ contemporary cottage replete with homely and unique décor pieces and bucket loads of charm and style.


Q: Firstly – please tell us who is currently living in your lovely home?

A: My husband James, our beautiful 10-month-old daughter Matilda and dog Remi call our little Mayfield house, home.

Q: I understand you both work at the same company now but Alyse has a creative background in fashion. Please tell us about what you do and how this has shaped your home’s design.

A: James and I both work in different roles at an organisation that supports children in out of home care and foster care, as well as children and adults with disabilities.

When I left school, my dream was to work in fashion. I studied fashion and began sewing and selling dresses, but when I started working with kids, I knew I fashion wasn’t everything.

It is still a passion and a handy skill to have; I am my friends’ costume-altering, pant-patching gal and it’s been lovely to make a few things for Matilda to wear or use!

Having a creative background has definitely made renovating our first home lots of fun, it’s been nice to create something again.

Q: Now onto your home – can you tell us about the home’s story?

A: I bought the house in 2015, when James and I got married in 2018 he took on my burden of the mortgage!

I was so determined to buy in Mayfield, it took me 12 months to actually lock one down in the crazy market.

It was the ugliest house in the street; overgrown gardens, peeling paint and rotting windows. I freaked out at first that I’d made a mistake buying something that needed so much work but it was fine.

My whole life I have wanted a house with a white picket fence, a hedge and a yard for a dog, so I couldn’t be happier with our home now.

We absolutely couldn’t have got our home to where it is at now without my amazing dad who has worked tirelessly on the project. We are indebted to him as his help is what has made this renovation possible for us.

Q: Do you have any specific stories to tell about this project? What are you happiest about with your home?

A: The whole renovation has been a big learning curve for us as first timers.

There have been many bloodied thumbs, disagreements about design choices and weeks to months without kitchens or working showers. It’s made the end result better however, knowing we’ve worked our butts-off doing everything ourselves to finish.

The toughest and lengthiest project was the renovation of the bathroom which used to be an outhouse that may have been connected to the house.

I also love the deck that the boys built (my dad, my brother and James) which we can now enjoy a good summer barbeque on!

Q: You have a beautiful style and some unique pieces of furniture, art and homewares. What or who are your key style inspirations?

A: I don’t have a particular interior designer that I follow, I just wanted to remain in keeping with the style of homes seen around Mayfield. The cottage style that has a homely feel but with a contemporary update that includes lots of wood and fresh white walls.

The original ironbark floorboards have a beautiful dark red colour has also given the house a feeling of warmth without having to try hard.

One of my favourite pieces of furniture is the set of 24 mechanic drawers which came from dad’s garage. These were his father’s also and were used to store various knick-knacks in his workshop. Now they are home to my random collection of string, ribbon and bits and bobs.

Q: What you love most about living in your house?

A: My favourite room is the bathroom with its huge bath, quirky floor tiles and matte black tapware. And I actually love the vanity. I chose a slab of reclaimed Blackbutt hardwood that I loved from a local carpenter and dad shaped it down for us, so it feels special that I specifically chose that piece rather than it just being produced in a factory.

I am a big bath lover, there’s just something about having a long soak, so we negotiated by giving James the waterfall shower and a bath that is long enough for me.

I also love the tall ceilings in the bedrooms, which make a small house feel bigger!

Q: Can you tell us about the location and you what do you enjoy most?

A: Mayfield is perfect for us. If we could stay here forever we would!

We will eventually outgrow this little home though. Mayfield is becoming such a lovely suburb for young families, plenty of kid and pet friendly cafes, lots of little dog parks hidden around the place and close to everything we need.

Q: Is it your forever home? If not where to next?!

A: This won’t be our forever home unfortunately because it’s very small, but it’s been the best start for our little family!

It will be hard to part with this house because it’s where everything began for us; marriage, first dog and our little Matilda. So many beautiful memories.

I’m not sure where to next…somewhere with a pool hopefully!